About The Living Pantry

The Living Pantry Family

Our vision started over 15 years ago. Our current focus is on nurturing a healthier environment - for your body, your home, and the planet.  We offer consumer choices that are truly natural which primarily support small family businesses while reducing waste. This includes sustainable alternatives to common disposable items and single-use plastics.

The cornerstone of our business is Compassionate Commerce, which ultimately translates for us into authentic care for our customers, our associates, ourselves, and our planet. We envision a place where it feels uplifting and nourishing to Be, no matter what brings you through the door or to our website.

There is no perfect and we're all on the same path - it’s a one choice at a time process. We are here to support you in making more sustainable choices for approaching zero waste, no matter where you are in your journey. Feel free to connect with us.

Fun Fact: All art on the Living Pantry walls are original works by Shawna & Seppi, and are for sale. See more of Shawna's art on her website -


Liv·ing Pan·try

/ˈliviNG/ /ˈpæn.tri/
noun verb adjective

A pantry is a store room... a cupboard, a cellar, a closet, the place where you keep things precious and necessary for supporting your vibrant life. A place to safely keep ingredients for nourishing your body, cleaning your home and feeding your soul.

A Living Pantry is a store room of inspiration and creation - for all things to keep you awake and alive. Where you find the things you need for making your home and world as you like it with conscious choice and action.

What will you create today from the ingredients you keep in your Living Pantry?

Living Pantry Logo

Significance of the Logo:

  • The arching sun reminds us that we a part of this Earth, alive with choice - our sun feeds life and keeps our world turning
  • Green leaves signify the foundation of life and all living things
  • Three leaves because with Mother, Father and Child, life continues and we are connected
  • The three of us reach up with arms wide embracing and supporting the leaves and sun of life

We are the Living Pantry.