Reuse Sustainable Packing & Shipping

Reuse Packaging Supplies Commitment

We are committed to approaching zero waste with consciousness and care. We are constantly learning new information and also opening our eyes to our own behaviors and unconscious habits.

Most supplies we use to pack & ship your order are reused and upcycled from what we receive at our store. We do our best to REUSE everything we receive. It is our belief that reusing material is the first, and best, sustainable choice before choosing to compost and recycle. With the launching of our online store, we have found a perfect reuse for materials we receive. It is our hope you will be able to find a use, or recipient, for the packing materials you receive from us prior to recycling and/or composting. Keep the reuse cycle going.

Reuse materials we use for shipping:

  • boxes with printing or branding
  • biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts
  • expandos eco packing pyramids
  • brown recycled padding paper
  • cellulose (wood pulp padding)


When we opened our first brick and mortar store in 2020, we soon realized some choices we made were not the most eco-minded. In our excitement and passion, some details were overlooked. As we learn and grow, we continue to commit to being more mindful and integrous as we make decisions, not only about our office and store supplies, but also our vendor relations. We discuss each decision at length and with so much care; we work on striking a balance between many factors. We value transparency and authenticity in our relationships and will share with you information when asked.


When we first considered opening the Living Pantry online store, we were conflicted. We wanted to reach beyond our local community to provide more people with awareness & choice in how their purchasing affects their world, yet shipping eco-friendly products did not seem to fit our vision to reduce waste and impact on our planet. Then we started to receive product for our store shelves.


We did not anticipate the amount of packing material we would receive on a regular basis. Most of our shipments are received from eco-conscious companies who are utilizing recycled, upcycled, and biodegradable packing materials, and whose products are packaged in the same way or are without any product packaging at all. We reuse and gift what we can and offer donation to local shipping companies. We have been able to reuse and repurpose materials in the following ways:

  • Much of our food product comes in large paper sacks and bags, which are reused in a variety of ways
  • Liquids generally come in large plastic or metal buckets - nearly all are donated to a local farmer for reuse
  • Some of our body care products come in large plastic jugs - 100% of these are donated to a local environmental farmer for reuse
  • Some of our bulk products come without any packaging except for a cardboard box, which is reused and composted  - including donation to local farms, and to a local real estate moving company
  • We reuse all packing paper
  • We donate, reuse, and compost packing peanuts and spacers we receive
Packing supplies not donated, gifted, or readily reused are currently being stored to package our shipment to you.