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In-Store Bulk & Refills

We are a Natural Home and Body Full Service Refillery

Reduce containers going to the landfill
Pay for the product not the packaging

Our extensive selection of natural bulk goods are mostly locally sourced items from nearby and the Pacific Northwest.

We will do all of the filling for you. You just let us know how much of what you want.

All our locations offer options for most anything you would buy in a container for your home and body when out shopping - including shampoo, conditioner, cleaning supplies, body oils, deodorant, toothpaste, laundry detergent, soaps & body wash, essential oils, CBD, and more. With our commitment to reducing waste, most of our bulk is closed loop. Plus we have sustainable swaps for food storage, shopping bags, floss and...

See lists of what we offer here.

Refilling at the Living Pantry

How Refill Works

  1. Bring in a clean container from home, any container will do. If you are refilling with the same product, it does not have to be completely empty. (If you don't have a container to refill, you may purchase one with us.)

  2. We tare/weigh your empty containers to get the weight of the package
  3. We fill your request
  4. We weigh your refill
  5. You pay for the product only, not the package

While we fill, you are welcome to continue chatting with us or browse the store. If you are doing a large refill you are welcome to leave/drop off containers with instructions for pick up later.

To date, our customers have saved approximately 23,000 containers from the landfill.

Thank you for reusing your containers and refilling with us!

Doorstep Refillery™ Program

We are soon launching our pilot Doorstep Refillery™ Program (DRP) in Whatcom County, a service where we come to you with out Mobile Refillery to do bulk refills at your doorstep. If you are interested in being one of our first customers to take advantage of this service please connect with us to get started.