In-Store Refills

We offer an extensive selection of bulk goods and locally sourced items in our store.

Our bulk selection includes much of what you likely expect like groceries, spices, shampoo, honey, oils, and vinegars, PLUS we also have items like deodorant, toothpaste, essential oils, CBD, MSM, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, body oils and more. See lists of what we offer here.

Refilling at the Living Pantry

How Refill Works

  1. Bring in a clean container from home, any container will do. If you are refilling with the same product, it does not have to be completely empty. (If you don't have a container to refill, you may purchase one here.)

  2. We tare/weigh your empty containers to get the weight of the package
  3. We fill your request
  4. We weigh your refill
  5. You pay for the product only, not the package

While we fill, you are welcome to browse the store OR leave/drop off containers with instructions for pick up later.

 Thank you for reusing your containers and refilling with us!