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Doorstep Refillery™ Program

Living Pantry Doorstep Refillery Program

We have begun our pilot Doorstep Refillery™ Program (DRP) in Whatcom County, At this time, the program is not 100% public available while we are integrating the service. We are offering this new service to our local customers who are willing to join our pilot program.

We are pleased to be able to come to you for all of your bulk refill needs. Our excellent customer service expands beyond the walls of our refill locations. For your convenience, we come to your doorstep.

(If you are interested in being one of our pioneering customers to take advantage of this service please connect with us to get started.)

How will it work?

When you place an order you will have the option to shop from our bulk section and select those items you wish to refill at your doorstep. You can either leave your containers on your doorstep, or you can greet us at the door. You can always be confident that you are only paying for the product and not the packaging.

You may also select to receive your fill in one of our Living Pantry containers by selecting that option you will receive your first fill in a container, which can be used over and over again for our refill service.

How much does it cost?

For our early adapters and pioneers, you will only pay for the product, there will be no additional charges. Once we are fully up and running to the public, we endeavor to make this as affordable as possible. We have broken up most of Whatcom County into zones and will be applying a nominal DRP fee based on zone and distance from our store with a required minimum order and no fee over an order amount.

(Please note, that these designations and fees are subject to change as we expand and understand more clearly the demands of delivery.)

How will I know if I met the minimum if everything is in bulk?

Refill option quantities will be set. When you order a refill item, the cost will be provided based on the size (weight) you wish to purchase or refill. You will select the volume you desire and will be charged for the weight of the product itself. It is possible that your order will end up being less.

How often do I refill?

After you are set up and make your first Doorstep Refillery™ purchase, you will have two main options. You can sign up for a subscription service that will arrive to your doorstep on a regular schedule of your choosing, or you can place a refill order when you would like it delivered.

When do you deliver?

During our pilot time, we will decide together when works best for you. Once we are fully operational with out program we will have set days that we will deliver. Special arrangements can be made for a different day – it would require you to call and communicate your request; we will make every effort to accommodate your request. As Doorstep Refill orders increase in frequency, we will be building our delivery route in a logical fashion. You will receive a confirmation with your delivery day and approximate time of our arrival upon placing your order.

Do I need to be home when you deliver?

While certainly not required, it would be great if you were home when we deliver as that would give us an opportunity to meet you. Otherwise, we will drop off your items on your doorstep and pick up any empty containers you have for the next time.

I still have questions!

Please contact us directly with your questions. We are always happy and willing to help. If you can't reach us, please leave a message as Shawna is often working at the shop telling funny stories to our customers.