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About Lucky Cups and Bowls Production Facility

the Bowl Maker

Lucky Cups and Bowls are designed and created in Acme, WA by artist Cary Lane. It starts on her pottery wheel at her home studio, which is powered by solar and hydro power. For the cup reproduction, the work moves to a facility in Thailand. It is a Japanese owned and operated factory located about 1.5 hours outside of Bangkok.

All materials, including colors, glazes, clay bodies, etc. are food safe and heavy metal free. Their primary fuel for production is natural gas and their kilns are very fuel efficient. They conform to Japanese and European standards as well as FDA, California Prop 65, and CPSIA standards.

The facility has passed social responsibility audits as they produce for other international retailers who insist on this. They have been certified to have no underage labor, pay overtime for over 45 hours a week, and do not use any forced labor. Workers don't put in more than 9 hours a day per shift and get a one hour lunch break daily.