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The Experience

The Living Pantry Refillery was created with your convenience, your well-being, and the health of our Earth in mind. We offer the best quality toxin-free products in bulk available on the market and will fill your containers with the exact amount that YOU prefer. We offer beautiful gifts that are made by local artisans. We are conscious about the business practices of the companies we represent and always strive to decrease waste as much as possible. We have relationships with each of our vendors and choose local whenever possible in order to reduce the environmental impact from shipping. Closed Loop when possible - Many of our vendors will take back their containers and refill them for us!

Bellingham Location

We have brought the convenience of refill-shopping to a beautiful brick and mortar space in Bellingham. We are located in the Yew Street Plaza (across the street from Hoagland’s Pharmacy) on the corner of Alabama and Yew Streets. We do not have food yet at this location, except a few prefills and gorgeous locally farmed and non-GMO organic eggs! This store is truly not to be missed. You’ll be blown away at the extensive variety of bulk items for you to consider refilling. From toothpaste to floor cleaner – we have it all! (Blaine has ALL of this too!)

2400 Yew Street
Bellingham, WA  98229
(360) 778-2973

Tue-Fri: 11-6
Saturday: 11-5
Sun, Mon: CLOSED

Living Pantry is a true Refillery offering an extensive selection of over 1000 bulk, local, natural, sustainable Household and Body Care products.

Blaine Location

We specialize in bulk foods as well as products for home and body care. We have an impressive organic spice and herb department, as well as liquid consumables and pantry dry goods. We have the same amazing organic eggs here! We are located in gorgeous Blaine right in the heart of the market district. You can’t miss us on the corner of H and Peace Portal.

684 Peace Portal Drive
Blaine, WA 98230
(360) 393-4362

Mon, Wed-Fri: 11-6
Saturday: 11-5
Sunday: Noon-5
Tuesday: CLOSED

Online Store

We sell many of our products online. We ship every single package with 100% reused packing materials from shipments we receive.

Doorstep Refillery Program

We offer refills at your home. Click here for all of the details on how to make this happen if you are interested.

PopUp Vendor Program

In the spirit of supporting other small businesses, we offer ongoing pop-up opportunities at our Bellingham location. This is an awesome way to get your products into the line of sight of consumers. Read more about that here.

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