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Welcome to Premium Eco Shopping in Bellingham & Blaine

It's not just shopping... it's shopping that makes a difference.

Is it important to...
  • buy quality?
  • buy natural?
  • be more sustainable?
  • support your local community and businesses?
  • feel connected to the place you shop?

The Challenge

In an ever-expanding world of e-commerce and big corporate green washing, it can be overwhelming to simply just shop, and even more so to shop consciously. Your purchases have a direct impact, locally and globally, on waste, environment, and economy. For many necessities, there aren’t options; if you need bananas, you’re going to buy bananas and at best get to choose if they are organic or not, NOT which kind or where they’re from or how your money eventually reaches the original growers.

But for many other necessities, there is choice and we often desire to know our choices actually matter to someone, somewhere, somehow. Not just knowing your choice makes a difference for your body, your home, your family and your environment, most importantly knowing your purchase contributes to the people around you -  your community and the businesses where you live.

Most shopping experiences are impersonal and stale; you are a customer to buy and nothing more. What if the place you shop cared about you? wanted to connect with you?

At Living Pantry you are seen.

We understand this, and this is how we make a difference.

The Solution

Living Pantry Eco Store has done the research, and testing, to find high-quality, environmentally-friendly, toxin-free products crafted by real people in our community to support you in conscious shopping.

We sell products package-free or with reduced natural packaging to reduce waste. As well, we are at your service offering many sustainable products in bulk and will fill your containers with the exact amount YOU request. We will take the time to assist you in knowing the product you are buying - where it is made, its benefits, ingredients used, and how it supports a healthier you.

In our continuous search for the best products out there, we expand our reach to the county, the state, and the PNW – regionally local. And we choose the best products that we can’t resist from other parts of the world that make a difference too. But our favorite part, and what we believe sets us apart even more, is our relationships we are building with the makers and customers. We talk to the people making the laundry soap, the toothpaste, the deodorants, and most everything. We invest in local businesses that share our values and hold them at the forefront of their practices. We constantly strive to decrease waste as much as possible and co-create new ways of collaborating, such as closing the loop on bulk containers where previously this wasn’t happening, for example.

When you shop with us, your money benefits your community, the environment, and ultimately you. You are directly supporting local artisans and small business owners - the growth of your local circular economy.

This is how you make a difference.

In gratitude,
Shawna & Seppi

Bellingham Location

We have brought the convenience of refill-shopping to a beautiful brick and mortar space in Bellingham. We are located in the Sunnyland Square (next door to Trader Joe's) on the corner of Alabama and James Streets. This store is truly something special. We feel you will be impressed with our extensive variety of eco-friendly products and bulk items for refilling, from toothpaste to floor cleaner – we have it all! (Our Blaine location has it all too!)

2420 James Street
Bellingham, WA  98225
(360) 778-2973

Everyday: 9-7

Living Pantry is a true Eco Store Refillery offering a selection of over 1000 bulk, local, natural, sustainable Household and Body Care products.

Blaine Location

Also Find us in beautiful downtown Blaine. Located off of H street behind The Vault restaurant and New Edge Hair Design.

264 H St. Suite A
Blaine, WA 98230
(360) 393-4362

Tue-Saturday: 11-5
Sunday, Monday: CLOSED

Online Store

We sell many of our products online, although you will find much more in our storefront. We ship every package with 100% reused packing materials from shipments we receive.

Doorstep Refill Program

We offer refill delivery to your home. Click here for all of the details on how to make this happen if you are interested.

Consignment Opportunity

In the spirit of supporting other small businesses, we offer select consignment opportunities in our stores. This is an awesome way to get your products into the line of sight of consumers and a common start to having us carry your products in our store.

Come experience Connection and Compassionate Commerce.

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We look forward to serving you!